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Twibber Stories Germany20. April 2023

Dog Tinder Makes Dog Lovers Happy (and Dogs as Well)

We are former college students of E-commerce sciences at the University of Würzburg in Bavaria, now finishing our graduations in Berlin and Leipzig. We are also dog lovers.

For students, it’s difficult to own dogs due to a lack of time, space and money. We came up with the idea to create an app that connects dog owners and dog buddies – a version of Tinder for dog lovers. At users get together, dog owners find people who are willing to take their dog out for a stroll in the park or to entertain him at home. Unpaid.

We already have about 2000 dog buddies in our app who are happy to regularly care for a dog. So far the app is available in Würzburg and Berlin, and we plan to be present all over Germany soon. With fundraising, we were able to create our company. We still believe that our app makes the world better. In our platform, the main idea is that a community helps each other with no interest in money, but the only goal is to make the lives of dogs and dog lovers happier.

Originally published on May 19, 2021.

Marcel Wittstadt, 24, Alexander Weigand, 25, Felix Kox, 25, Berlin and Leipzig, Germany

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