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Twibber Stories Germany20. July 2023

I Stumbled over Bumble Bees – it Changed My Life

When I moved from Berlin to the Baltic Sea in 2012, I knew: I had to decelerate my life. Before, it seemed I lived in a hamster wheel. First as a stewardess, then in a career in communication and marketing. A glittering life in the big city, surrounded by hip and prominent people. I became the happy mother of twins, but still, it didn’t feel right.

Finally, my husband and me moved to a small house near Lübeck at the Baltic Sea. By accident I saw a beehive during a stroll with my small kids. Suddenly it was clear: I wanted to try something new. Something real.

Today I own 28 productive bee colonies and my own beekeeping business, manufacturing delicious honey, candles, and sustainable products made from honey and bee wax. It’s a lot of work, but all this gives me and my family incredible calm and joy. I feel I live with the pulse of nature again, wearing rubber boots instead of a business costume. I am more open to changes. In retrospect, I had the unique opportunity to push the reset button in my life – and the chance to learn that a bold move when things don’t seem right may as well make things not only better but perfect. The bees have definitely changed my life.

In her book “Ostseeglück” Stephanie Eden describes the ups and downs of her journey.

Originally published on June 22, 2022.

Stephanie Eden, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

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