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Twibber Stories Germany29. June 2023

From “Happy Birthday” to Happy Chickens

Two years ago, I had a special birthday wish: I wanted to get five chickens. Before, I had little to do with animals. I had grown up with dogs, cats, and a pony horse, but I lived a typical city life later.

During the Covid lockdown, I suddenly had the desire to own hens. My boyfriend answered: Why think small? Now 145 chickens have moved to our property in southern Germany. They are rare breeds that provide colorful eggs. There are french Marans, South-American Araucanas, and English Sussexes.

Working as an accountant, I take care of the chicken in the morning and the evening, collect the eggs and pack them for enthusiastic clients. Our chickens have a sustainable life outdoors. It’s a joy when the tame hen Tiffy comes over for a cuddle. Or when faucet Giacomo, who protects the girls from hawks and foxes, entertains the group. Living with the animals and nature now gives me great moments of relaxation. But I believe that the chickens benefit most. They are happy, and they show it.

Originally published on June 28, 2022.

Nadine Schultz, 47, Eisental, Baden-Wuerttemberg

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