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EnvironmentSociety Afghanistan24. June 2020

No Work in Lockdown? Help Us Prevent the Next Crisis!

The coronavirus lockdown in Afghanistan left many without work. In response, the government stepped up to keep the economy running while tackling climate issues – employing 40,000 jobless workers to help save the city from a water crisis.

“The good thing is that the needy people from nearby are hired to just walk to work and get regular pay when there are no jobs in the city due to coronavirus,” says Gul Mohammad, a now out-of-work van driver who has been hired to dig trenches to help rehabilitate groundwater supplies.

The Kabul water project is projected to run for at least one year in Afghanistan, paying workers to dig around 150,000 trenches as well as 17 small dams and spillways on the outskirts of the country’s capital.

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