Environment USA26. July 2022

Bye-Bye Fossil-Fuel Burning Power Plant, Hello Clean Energy

Targeted by environmentalists for decades, a power plant on New York’s Long Island, United States, will now be transformed into a renewable energy storage place!

“We are living through a climate emergency, and we need to take bold actions to counteract decades of environmental injustice and bad energy policy,” says U.S. Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney of the Ravenswood power plant. “A Renewable Ravenswood not only allows for the green powering of New York City, but it will also be a major step forward on environmental justice. […] I look forward to seeing a Renewable Ravenswood being a monument to Long Island City’s future as a clean energy provider.” 

The old fossil-fuel burning power plant was recently bought by clean energy developer Rise Light & Power. The renewable energy that is stored there will now be integrated into New York City’s electric grid. The plan, coined “Renewable Ravenswood,” has a goal of providing New York City with 70 percent of renewable energy by 2030. 

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