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HealthSociety Uganda18. September 2023

Chlorine Dispensers: Safe Water Now Accessible to 10 Million People!

An ever-growing number of citizens in Uganda and Malawi have access to safe water thanks to the installation of chlorine dispensers, thus reducing mortality dramatically, including under-five-year-olds, by about 25%.

From May 2022 to June 2023, a total of 24,000 chlorine dispensers were successfully installed – 12,161 across 11 districts in Uganda and 12,222 across 7 districts in Malawi – bringing the total of dispensers to 52,000 and the number of people having access to drinkable water to 9.8 million.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of more than 300 staff members of the Evidence Action NGO, 10% of the total population of Uganda and 15% of the population of Malawi have access to safe water. Since it was possible to provide more than double the number of people with safe water access in 18 months, the strategic objective of doubling the impact by 2024 looks promising. Chlorine dispensers could be installed in other geographies, and new technologies are developed to better reach urban and peri-urban populations, including in-line chlorination.

Evidence Action

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