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Twibber Stories Germany8. July 2020

Family Happy: Fun Bus after First Flight in a Long Time..

Usually I travel a lot for work – usually!  But the coronavirus had locked us down for three months. So I couldn’t wait to fly with my family from our home in the Gulf region to Berlin, Germany.

When I told my friend Jörg about it, he said: “I pick you up from the airport.” I tried to resist, but no chance. When son, daughter, my wife an I left the main train station in Berlin after an 18-hour-trip, we couldn’t believe our eyes: Jörg came in a bright blue, antique VW van! The kids loved it and we loved it, too. 

Jörg drove us 40 km from the station to our family home, slowly and bumpy. Wind blowing through the open windows. Other cars honking in respect for the old van. When all bags were unloaded, I thanked Jörg, but he just said: “It was such a pleasure! You were the first people I picked up from anywhere for three months…”

Michael Steckdorf, 42, Dubai, UAE

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