People stand in line to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, at the Narok County Referral Hospital, in Narok, Kenya, December 1, 2021. Photo Credit: REUTERS/Baz Ratner

Health USA27. February 2022

For the First Time, COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Surpasses Demand

COVAX, the global vaccine distribution initiative, has, for the first time in the history of the program, a larger supply of the COVID-19 vaccination than it has demand – marking great news on the progress of controlling the pandemic.

Currently on its 14th allocation round, COVAX has found itself with over 300 million surplus vaccines. Consequently, more than 800 ultra-cold chain freezers and 52,000 fridges have now been donated to nearly 70 countries — a critically needed component to effectively store and distribute vaccinations in these low-income nations. 

“We are continuing to help countries identify and close cold chain capacity gaps as supply increases and governments adjust national-level vaccination targets in response,” said a UNICEF spokesperson. Fortunately, COVAX’s surplus vaccine supply this allocation round can be safely stored and used at a later date, so that they do not go to waste. What’s more, the initiative delivered its billionth dose in January. 


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