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Twibber Stories Togo5. April 2023

It Started with a Poor Boy in Torn Pants – Now 43 Kids Have School Fees

My five-year-old son gave me a special Twibber moment: While on a visit to my home country Togo, we sat in a bar and my son was sipping his coke. Suddenly a much elder native boy came up to us and begged for food. He wore totally torn trousers.

My little boy was shocked. “Mum”, he said, “Look, his trousers are torn! Can I give him two of my own pants?” I thought: If my young son can find a simple solution to poorness, what about me?

So back home in Germany, I started to speak to people around me. We collected clothes, tools, pots, and tableware for about two years and finally managed to send a 7.5-ton truck to some of the poorest villages in South Togo. We also sold items at a flea market and so managed to pay the school fee for 23 orphans. We are sure we’ll be able to provide the school fee for another 20 kids for 2020. All this because of the initiative of my young son!!

Originally published on December 20, 2019.

Djyaye Sabi, Germany

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