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Twibber Stories Germany25. March 2021

My friend Jonny and I Walked 80 Days Across the Alpes (He Is a Donkey)

As a child, I saw the movie „Shrek“ and was fascinated by the idea to have a donkey as a companion. When my father recently died, I thought: Now it’s time to fulfill that dream.

I canceled my office job and bought a donkey, and called him Jonny walked with him from Munich in Germany to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea around Venice. It took us 80 days. We were worthy partners: Each carrying luggage the weight of 20 percent of our own.

We started our journey with no money, no idea where we would stay overnight. I wrote a book about it („Wandern, Glück und lange Ohren“, which is German for “Walking, Happiness and Long Ears”, Malik Verlag). During the three months of our travel over Via Claudia Augusta across the Alps, I met people who were most happy to meet us, to feed Jonny with hay and to hug him, to let us sleep at their homes. One guy told me that he hadn’t seen his family smiling so much since meeting my donkey. Why Jonny has made my world better? Our travel boosted my confidence in myself. Jonny thought me that whatever is your goal – you can reach it.

Lotta Lubkoll, 27, Starnberg, Germany

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