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EnvironmentTechnology Sweden16. April 2022

New Wooden Skyscraper Will Help Fight Climate Change

The new skyscraper built in Skellefteå, Sweden, is not only made of timber but is estimated to capture millions of kilograms of carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime, making the construction a viable alternative to tackle efficiently the climate crisis. 

“Everyone thought that we were a little bit crazy proposing a building like this in timber,” says Robert Schmitz, the architect behind the construction. “But we were quite pragmatic, so we said that if you can’t make everything in timber, then we can at least do some of it that way. But during the design process, we all came out and said that it’s more efficient to build everything in timber.”

The Sara Cultural Centre has 20 stories and is 75 meters high, with six theater stages, a library, two art galleries, a conference center, and a 205-room hotel. The 12,000 cubic meters of wood required to build it comes from forests just 60 km from the town. Skelleftea has many wooden buildings, and the latest one — the second tallest wooden building in the world — has solar panels to power the entire edifice, and is even equipped to store the excess energy. The environmentally-friendly material is part of a longtime Scandinavian tradition, and authorities are keen to keep the tradition alive for future generations.

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