Burundian soldiers in a nursery. Image Credit: Courtesy of Burundi National Defense Forces Communication Unit.

EnvironmentSociety Burundi30. August 2022

Over 150 Million Trees Have Been Planted Here

Thanks to a national reforestation campaign, Burundi has planted over 150 million trees since 2018. The massive project is an ongoing effort to curb climate change while simultaneously raising awareness and mobilizing the entire society to take part.

“The project is yours,” expresses Prime Minister Allain Guillaume Bunyoni. “There is no sustainable development in a country where the environmental sector is ridiculed. You must take ownership of it, as it will protect your viable land against erosion, and make it more fertile.”

The reforestation campaign launched in 2018 under the name of “Ewe Burundi Urambaye!”, which literally translates to “A Well-Dressed Burundi!”. As a result, over 150 million various species of trees have been planted over 50,000 hectares. This campaign is a reminder that protecting trees and diversifying landscapes is as crucial as planting them.


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