A welder at work, Tambacounda, Senegal. Photo Credit: Nathan Ochole/World Bank, Video Credit: World Bank

SocietyTechnology Senegal14. December 2023

This One Network Is Electrifying a Whole Region

In West Africa, a high-voltage, advanced power network has been installed and is providing continuous electricity to an entire region.

“The OMVS interconnected grid is the most advanced subregional power pool in West Africa. In addition to expanding the electricity trade between Mali, Mauritania, and Senegal, it provides a key foundation on which more large-scale electricity generation projects can be developed for the regional power market,” says World Bank Vice President for Western and Central Africa, Ousmane Diagana.

Families and companies in the region are benefiting from the reliable supply of energy. The project, entitled the Senegal River Basin Development Organization (OMVS) Transmission Expansion Project, was financed by the World Bank and is connecting West African countries in new ways. Specifically, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, and Mauritania are involved in the $91.5 million project that is transforming the region and providing new opportunities to thousands.

World Bank

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