Photo Credit: Hervé Lassingardie, Domaine de Frévent

Twibber Stories France16. December 2020

Treehouse Vacation Makes Social Distancing very, very Easy

Visiting friends in France recently, I learned that traveling can still be a marvelous experience in these difficult coronavirus times. My friends run a very special hotel in the countryside, just about one hour away from Paris: Their „Domaine de Frévent“ offers nights in tree houses.

While many hotels remain closed in the cities, the treehouse hotel sees a huge demand for tourists from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, or Germany to sleep in a treehouse. Social distancing is easy: No crowd in a dining room, breakfast is delivered in a basket at the bottom of the tree.

I experienced a complete return to nature in self-chosen isolation. I fell asleep in the total darkness of the woods and didn’t get disturbed by other noises than the birds’ singing in the early morning or the rustle of autumn leaves. Deer, geese, or peacocks were the few other visitors. The treehouse vacation was quite an educational experience to raise more awareness for nature and the joy of small things.

Marika Schaertl, 51, Munich, Germany

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