St. Paul Police officers at at least one State Patrol deputy were seen kneeling with protesters outside the Governor's Mansion Monday afternoon. Photo Credit: Andrea Yoch

Twibber Stories USA4. June 2020

Why the Cop Pictures from my US-Friends were Good News to Me

About 20 years ago I lived in New York and I still have a lot of friends in the US. Following first the news on the deaths, the coronavirus brought and now the riots in so many cities with so much violence, I reached out to many of them:

They were sad, shocked, some of them desperate. But this morning one of them send me a text just saying: “Love it!”, followed by a picture of cops in Minnesota “taking a knee” on the sides of a peaceful protest. By this gesture, which stands for “Black Lives Matter”, they showed solidarity with the protesters and also empathy for the victims of racism and prejudice.

I got tears in my eyes seeing the picture. And within the next few hours, as my friends in America went through their day, half a dozen of them shared that or similar pictures. The world truly is better! (and by the way: Most of the cops on the picture have white skin!).

Ralph, 39, London, UK

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