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Twibber Stories Australia5. July 2023

Wild Camels are a Mirror to Twibber’s Soul

As former German bankers-turned-camel whisperers, my husband and I never expected to become pioneers of an award-winning camel dairy in Australia. A world away from managing investments at one of the eldest savings banks in Germany.

Namely, we dived head-first into the brave new world of milking and training wild camels at Summer Land Camels in Harrisville, a 45-minute drive from Brisbane, Australia’s first commercial camel dairy, the world’s largest wild camel training center.

I never thought camels were enjoyable; now, I’m the complete opposite. I immersed myself in milking and training camels alongside the monumental task of producing camel cheese. You can’t make camels do anything unless they trust you –patience is key. Our next step: A bespoke travel agency called Arrive and Smile, tailored to inbound tourists coming to Queensland and wanting to discover nature and animals. What makes life with camels better for me? They’re exciting creatures like a mirror to your soul. 

Originally published on August 4, 2022.

Stefanie Hellweg, 46, Queensland, Australia

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