Greater Yellowlegs. Photo Credit: Melissa James/Audubon Photography Awards

Environment USA11. September 2021

Good News for Wildlife: An Important Coastal Law Is Back and Ready to Protect!

A law dedicated to protecting wildlife in vulnerable coastal areas across the United States has been officially restored, following only two years since its reversal.

To protect both important resources and endangered wildlife, the Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CBRA) prohibits the removal and mining of sand, as well as withdrawing all federal investments in an effort to halt development in undeveloped portions of coastal barriers throughout the nation.

Reversing the law in 2019 meant that sand was allowed to be taken from these once protected areas, but within merely two years, the Biden administration has managed to reinstate “the full protections of the CBRA,” (Grannis, 2021). Important ecosystems once again have protected lands free from mining. That’s something worth smiling about!


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